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Evolve your organisation's network for the BYOD era.


Most IT departments recognise the need to respond to the increased mobility in workforces and changing usage patterns of ICT infrastructure. The first issue many IT department will want to address is the security one however there isn’t necessarily a ‘one size fits all’ fix. 

Each must start with their own business, i.e. what type of business and what their specific exposure or risks are. Where a media business might want to encourage a more open policy for their employees within the NHS this would carry unacceptable risk.  Defining the policy, and identifying the right balance for that organisation is that start point. Phases or entry points can then be identified that are bespoke to the business.

Darryl White, Head of Strategy at Networks First and Rebecca McIlroy of Cisco’s Security team examine some of the appropriate start points and demonstrate through the eyes of recent customer experiences how moving forward on mobility, securely, can be approached in a phased manner.

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