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In our webinar on developing your mobility strategy we will provide business relevant information whilst giving you access to market insights.

Developing your Mobility Strategy - 

A Three Step Guide

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Your Next Step?

If you'd like to talk to someone about how to address the issues you're facing with securing BYOD and mobile working, contact us today. We can advise you on how to move forward and support you in making the best decisions for your organisation.

Evolve your organisation's network for the BYOD era.


You know the productivity benefits:

  • 240 extra hours per year are typically worked by employees with smartphones or tablets

You know the risks:

  • Sensitive enterprise data can more easily be removed from the enterprise IT environment or stolen along with the mobile device
  • Increase in support overhead due to more flexible working practices
  • It is difficult to control who has access to what data

You're aware of the challenge - but need to know what to do next?

Register now to watch Networks First's on demand webinar on Developing Your Mobility Strategy, a Three Step Guide presented by Darryl White, Head of Strategy. This webinar was recorded in December 2012.